Smart Table
UCF Group 34

Build Process

PCB and Power Supply

The brains of the product is a custom PCB that handles all data processing. The board has been carefully designed for consistent use, wireless stability, and expandability in mind. The power system ensures that even the most intensive states cannot negatively affect the user experience.

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Table Assembly and wiring

Aesthetics aren’t everything, but it is the first thing people see. It sets the initial tone of a project and the workmanship that has gone into it. The design, build materials, and assembly all play a key role for project durability and reproducibility of a product.

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Input and Bluetooth

Input is critical to all interactive systems, and this isn’t an exception. Without a proper input system single user experiences would be very one sided, and two player games impossible. The entire process of detecting user button presses on an application to being wirelessly transmitted must be seamless for an acceptable user experience.

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Games, Software and Demos

To ease the time needed to implement a new game, demo or application a frame work was built. This framework separates many of the common tasks like frame drawing, input, draw functions, menu, and frame limiting. This structure allowed us to complete multiple applications like the clock, block drop, and space invader.

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PC based Simulations

To simplify the entire development lifecycle an emulator was built to take place of the physical display and input mechanisms. This opened up the ability to use modern debuggers, and helped isolate hardware problems from software problems earlier.

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