Smart Table
UCF Group 34

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Smart Table

By Chris Rodrigue - Phillip Murphy - Jonathan Lundstrom - Ryan Mulvaney

Our Project

This project is to design a table that would have a moderately sized matrix of individual cells on the top that would act as pixels. Each so called cell would consist of an RGB Led to produce any given color value which would likely be achieved through pulse width modification. Each cell would also have a LED driver that would act as a slave to a main microprocessor on another main board. Including functionality like Timekeeping, various idling modes,and playing games such as “Snake”.

This device will not necessarily be designed with inherent market value in mind. The device will have relatively cheap production cost, however the primary motivation for designing the product is simply as an academic exercise in an effort to improve the member’s understanding of integration across various subsystem. This is a proof of concept design that has potential to extend into the market in future renovations, if a highly practical concept is prepared.

The total size of the table will be relatively large, based solely on the scope of the display. As the display is consisting of 512 individual LEDs the final design of this project ended up being the size of a coffee table with an array of 32 * 16 LEDs.